Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Munchies: Georgetown Cupcake - A Friend's Experience

(R's Camera Phone Photo of the Treats - Gingerbread, Coconut, Carrot Cake)

My cupcake-making friend R made a trip over to Georgetown Cupcake this past weekend -- if there is anyone's opinion I trust about baked goods, it is hers! (See future entry regarding Cadbury Creme Egg Easter cake!). As you know, I love Georgetown Cupcake and I'm pleased to know that she agrees with me for the most part. In any case, she was so kind to offer her thoughts on her bites there:

R's Georgetown Cupcake Experience
I sampled four cupcakes - I got the Gingerbread and the Key Lime, and I tasted JL's Coconut and Carrot Cake. My friend A got the Red Velvet, but I didn't try it. Overall I was very impressed - the frosting is exactly how I like it (thick and not just sweet, but also flavorful), and the decorations are adorable - I particularly loved the wee, shimmery gingerbread man :) (I think he was gum paste - didn't taste like marzipan). $15 is pretty steep for 6 cupcakes (that'd run you what, $4 at Safeway?) but for an occasional treat, definitely worth the splurge. And I will be having lots of Georgetown Cupcakes on my birthday this year =)

Gingerbread - Really spicy, warm, flavorful gingerbread with a mild frosting that nicely set off the spice

Key Lime - My favorite - didn't taste like key lime pie so much as actual key limes, one of my favorite fruits (along with Meyer lemons). The frosting was AWESOME - had lots of flecks of real key lime zest in it. The cake was moist and really nice.

Carrot Cake - The cream cheese frosting was the star (SO thick and creamy), but I was disappointed that the cake seemed really pretty plain and not that spicy or carroty. J loves carrot cake and thought I was nuts, however, so this might just be my beef.

Coconut - Again yummy frosting, piled especially high on this one and topped with fresh coconut. The cake was disappointing though - pretty dry. I don't know what it is about coconut cake but it's really hard to make it moist. My grandma made an awesome coconut cake and none of us have ever been able to duplicate it, it comes out too dry no matter what the quantity or type of liquid we use. Not a bad cupcake but not as good as the others.

I really want to go back on a Friday sometime so I can try the Lemon Blossom, and I also want to try the Mocha and the Chocolate Mint. And of course the Vanilla2. I surprised myself by not getting the Vanilla2 yesterday since vanilla/vanilla is my favorite cake/cupcake, but I couldn't resist the Gingerbread or Key Lime :)

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