Saturday, August 22, 2009


Oh how behind I've been in updating! What now seems like many moons ago, I finally had the chance to eat at SURFSIDE in Glover Park. (YES! Another DC Cheap Eats off my list...). For MONTHS, we would drive past Surfside, with its bright cheery blue and yellow storefront, and I would just look longingly at it. Reviews I read had described Surfside as almost like a beachtown restaurant in the middle of the Nation's capital. I loved the "vibe" that Surfside was supposed to have. And then, I was never one that could resist tacos... particularly tacos made with fresh ingredients, a "Californian" flair, and packed with one or another seafood option.

So finally, Mr. J and I found ourselves up at Surfside for lunch one summery Sunday. We were pleased to find parking only a block away from the restaurant -- Surfside is located on a block that is chock full of restaurants (especially ones that have popped up in recent years) plus a very popular Whole Foods, plus numerous residences.

Surfside was actually quite empty when we got there. In contrast to the bright exterior, the inside was a bit dim, but lit by some natural light filtering in. It was a mellow and quiet. I was glad that I read a few reviews on Yelp before coming, or else I would have had no idea what to do next. Surfside has a pretty extensive menu of options and you place your order at a counter and then you get a little buzzer to alert you when your food is ready. In front of the counter are stacks of "forms," on which you check off what you want (one of their "specialties" or design your own).

After much deliberating, we decided on an order of guac and chips (how can you resist?), the "Maui" tacos (two grilled fish of the day tacos in corn tortillas with black bean and corn salsa, guacamole, cilantro and lime sour cream) and the "Cozumel" tacos (two grilled marinated chicken tacos in flour tortillas with grilled red onion, poblano peppers, mole negro and queso fresco). Each set of tacos came with red beans and rice... We were given our little buzzer to take with us that would alert us when our lunch was ready.

We journeyed upstairs to the roof deck to stake out a spot. It was a pretty hot day in DC, very sunny, very little breeze, but luckily, the deck was largely covered. Being in between lunch and dinner hours, the deck was pretty empty. Just a table of chatty, happy, relaxing friends, a girl reading a book, and another couple enjoying lunch. Our buzzer soon called us back downstairs for our food -- a word to the clumsy... send the least clumsy of you down to get the food, because there are quite a few stairs between the deck and the main floor!

Needless to say, we had ordered an apparently massive amount of food! The guacamole was quite tasty. I liked my Maui tacos but wasn't thrilled. I found it a little bit on the bland side, but they did taste quite fresh and light. Mr. J enjoyed his Cozumel tacos, smothered in yummy mole sauce.

Now I haven't been back since, but wouldn't mind trying Surfside again. I've heard great things about their "Nevis" tacos -- two grilled shrimp tacos in corn tortillas with yellow rice, pineapple jalepeno salsa, cilantro, guacamole and lime sour cream. Also, with so many other tacos, quesadillas, burritos, salads, and entrees to choose from, I'm sure to indulge my Southwestern food cravings here again soon.

2444 Wisconsin Ave.
Washington, DC 20007

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