Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zaytinya RW - a little something for everyone

Zaytinya, for me, is always an ideal go to choice for when friends or family are visiting from out of town. There is a little something for everybody and it has a great atmosphere.

I recently revisited Zaytinya for a birthday Restaurant Week lunch with four work friends. My one friend and I were so excited to revisit Zaytinya during Restaurant Week because of the GREEK CHERRIES AND YOGURT DESSERT ( !! ) that they serve ONLY during RW (they usually serve up a peach version, which is delish, but the cherry is to die for).

For $20.09, we ate like kings and queens. Four courses of mezze -- Zaytinya offered several choices for each course and we mixed it up a bit, so we could share. My favorites were:

*the hummus
*the baba ghannouge (both the hummus and baba were perfect with their oven-fresh, pippin hot bread... how I love their puffed up ellipses of bread)
*garides me anitho (sauteed shrimp)
*shish taouk (grilled chicken, sumac onions, grilled tomatoes, garlic tuom ... one of my faves every time I go there)
and of course, the greek cherries and yogurt (marinated cherries, vanilla yogurt cream, apricot espuma, pistachio powder).

Always a crowd pleaser, for any meal (including brunch which I tried last summer and loved!).


5 Star Foodie said...

I've never been here but it sounds excellent. i would love to have some of that greek cherries and yogurt dessert!

Olga said...

and now you can eat that food any day of the week! not just restaurant week b/c of their economic stimulus package :)