Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Week in the Food Diary of... a Government Attorney/Triathlon Trainee

Week 4: A Week in the Food Diary of... a Government Attorney/Triathlon Trainee

My friend, the government attorney and triathlon trainee, offered to be featured this week! Here is a short bio from her: I'm a government attorney and I generally bring breakfast and lunch to the office with me, and cook dinner at home. I'm also training for a couple of different races this year (half-marathon in May, sprint triathlon in August, Olympic triathlon in September, marathon in January 2010) and often my training dictates what and when I eat, because it can seriously impact how I feel during a workout. My partner is gluten and lactose intolerant, so you'll see that most of my evening meals don't include any wheat or dairy. Besides lots of skim milk and small amounts of cheese, that has spilled over into most of my meals, even the ones I eat alone. One last consideration: I gave up sugar (except for natural fruit sugars) this year between Valentine's and Easter as a personal challenge.


7-8 raw almonds (8:45a) - I love raw nuts. I got into eating them when I did a 100% raw/vegan diet last August. Just a few fills you up - perfect snack.

Triscuits and hummus and green and white tea (Stash) (9:40a) - I love tea, and drink tons of it.

Green and white tea (Zen, by Tazo) (11:40a)

Vegetable soup (12:45p)

Banana (2:30p)

Natural strawberry apple sauce (5:30p, pre-biking) - Being hungry during a workout makes me want to quit early, so I try to eat just enough to stave off dinner pangs - usually fruit.

Couple almonds (7:30p) - while making dinner

Polenta with lean ground turkey meat sauce and 2% cheddar (8:00p)

Tasting/seasoning bites of ragtag salad (9:30p) - I often prepare the next day's lunch the night before.


Bowl of shredded wheat'n'bran w/ skim milk (8:45a)

Large iced coffee w/ skim (9:45a)

Ragtag salad (wheat berries, lentils, carrots, parsley, red onion, green pepper, balsamic, olive oil, chopped hardboiled eggs); homemade applesauce (apples, vanilla, spices) (12:30p) - This was the first time I've ever made homemade applesauce, and it's SO easy! Just peel, slice, add spices, and cook down with about 1" of water for 30 minutes. Then mush if you want it chunky, or puree if you want it smooth. No sugar needed.

6-8 Triscuits (3:45p)

Brown rice sushi, pineapple (7:15p) - My absolute favorite dinner!

Bowl of corn flakes w/ soy milk (9:45p)


Coffee w/ skim milk, pineapple (7:45a)

Small handful of raw almonds (9:15a)

Ragtag salad w/ hardboiled eggs (11:15a)

Tazo Awake tea (1:10p)

Split pea soup from ABP (4:00p) - Wednesdays are strange, because I have a swimming class at 8:00pm. I can't eat a full meal before swimming, but then I'm so hungry by the time I've worked late, swam laps for an hour and then spent an hour on the train getting home. I try to eat something in the late afternoon that (1) gives me energy for the swim, (2) doesn't make me feel bogged down, and (3) leaves enough room for a satisfying small meal when I get home.

Apple on walk back to train after swimming (9:30p)

Tuna, scallions, garlic, cheese on small corn tortilla (10:30p)


2 hardboiled eggs (1 yolk, 2 whites), Granny Smith apple (9:00a)

Green and white tea (Stash) (9:40a)

Salad: Lettuce, grape tomatoes, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, chickpeas, Swiss cheese, croutons, non-fat vinaigrette; 1 cup of apple juice; 1 large dill pickle (12:15p)

Banana, small iced coffee w/ skim (4:45p, pre-running)

Shredded potato w/ 2% cheddar and bacon; handful of cornflakes (7:45p)

Jasmine tea (8:45p)


Small handful of raw almonds; cherry/peach/strawberry/skim milk smoothie (8:45a)

BBQ pulled pork sandwich; natural pomegranate soda (1:15p)

Iced coffee w/ skim milk (3:00p)

Pad thai (7:30p)

Jasmine tea (9:30p)


Egg McMuffin (9:00a)

Two cocktail-size ham sandwiches (12:30p)

Cinnamon raisin English muffin, cara cara orange, handful of raw pistachios, dried figs (2:30p) (about 90 minutes pre-running)

2 slices thin crust pizza: tomatoes, kale, scallions, chicken and apple sausage (8:15p)

Also, don't remember when, but had some Sweet Lime Turtles (all-natural fruit juice candy from Germany) at some point during the day. (Locally, these can be purchased at Glut, the food co-op in Mt. Rainier, Maryland).


Coffee w/ skim milk (9:30a)

Leftover kale pizza (10:15a) - I ate this in anticipation of going to spinning class a couple of hours later, but instead I ended up having lunch and walking all over the Mall when I found out at the last minute that a friend was in town for a convention. One of the joys/dangers of living in Washington DC!

Pita w/ hummus and veggies; slice of bacon off of friend's plate (1:30p)

Kale and white bean soup; figs and more fruit juice candy for dessert (7:30p)

Hazelnut vanilla tea (8:30p)

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