Thursday, March 12, 2009

"5 a day" Day 3: Skipped Meals and Mixing Up Veggies


Breakfast: Really, this is starting to get repetitive... I'll need to think of a new breakfast item! 1 medium banana + "banana" oatmeal (again, not a fruit) + skim milk. Fruit intake = .5 cup. Revision... my work day threw me off course, so I actually only got to eat half of my breakfast before it got all cold and solid (boo). So, revised to fruit intake = .25 cup.

Snack: 100% orange juice (11.5 fl. oz). Fruit intake = 1.44 cups. (Being careful though to be aware of my sugar intake from fruit juice)

Snack: Makeshift trail mix -- raisins, almonds, and coconut flakes. Fruit intake = .3 cup (from the raisins).

Dinner: So I was a bit derailed from work today, which resulted in two snacks (if you could call orange juice a snack? Perhaps "hydration" is better?) instead of lunch. So all my veggie intake had to take place during dinner. I put together a "salad" of garbanzo beans, green beans, and artichoke hearts seasoned with salt, pepper, a bit of tabasco, and a few other spices. It turned out delicious! I put a bit of that on a sandwich along with tuna (with some celery) and some of the salad on the side. Measured it out so that it came out to 2.5 cups. Veggie intake = 2.5 cups.


Fruit Intake = 1.99 cups

Veggie Intake = 2.5 cups

Wednesday = Success! I was concerned by my lack of vegetable intake all day, because I wasn't sure how I was going to get in all my vegetables during dinner. But I was actually surprisingly happy with my vegetable servings. The ingredients came together really well and the spices and hot sauce added the kick of flavor I needed. I think the key for me is to mix and match vegetables instead of trying to meet my vegetable daily servings with just one type of vegetable (i.e. Tuesday's broccoli feast). I'm going to implement this same idea on Thursday for lunch (if the weather holds out that is, otherwise I may not wander too far from my office building!).

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Jo said...

The coconut bread looks really delicious. I've been meaning to try out the recipe ever since I bought this new cook book. I read that coconut bread is delicious if you turn it in french toast!