Monday, March 2, 2009


I was excited to hear from my friend DT that WAGAMAMA is coming to DC! I have fond memories of Wagamama, sitting at the long tables, slurping up piping hot bowls of noodles. Yum. My memories come from my first visit to Wagamama many years ago in London and then most recently, in Sydney (ironically, D and I figured out that the last time we were separately at Wagamama, we were both at the same location in Sydney at the Galleries Victoria (CBD)).

If you haven't been to Wagamama, then you're in for a happy treat ... Just think of it as good food for the soul. It is still a ways away... opening in May 2010!


Teanna said...

NO WAY!!!! When I lived in London, I ALWAYS ate at Wagamama! It's a shame, because I'm moving back to NY from DC in August! I'll definitely have to come back down here when it opens, though!

Jackie said...

Yes, def! I'll post again as the opening approaches :) I think they will likely be opening more spots around the US, so I'm sure they'll open in NY!

them apples said...

Wagamamas is just excellent. It's dependable, exciting, cheap(ish) and very friendly. I absolutely love the place, and I've been going there for at least ten years now.

I bought a t-shirt on my first visit a decade ago (I know, who buys a t-shirt from a restaurant. Weird!), and it's turned into one of those worn out, comfortable shirts that are a little past it but is absolutely not going to be thrown out. I've got an enduring attachment to the t-shirt and the restaurant.

Make sure you post about the DC branch when it opens

Deb said...

YAY! So excited :o)

They do have 2 branches open in Boston, but I'm ready for them to move here!