Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dessert for dinner? Yes please! Co Co. Sala

("Co Co Grown Up")

When I first heard about Co Co. Sala, a place that served “only chocolate” dishes for dinner, I thought I died and went to Willy Wonka heaven. My excitement grew even larger when I read over the menu and saw that there were numerous savory small bites to be had as well. Namely, all of my favorite things (mac & cheese, crabcakes, sliders…). Even the savory dishes involved some element of chocolate or coffee…

I finally got the chance to try Co Co. Sala when my best friend came to town – I had sent her the menu months before and as soon as she booked her flight, she asked, can we go to that dessert place?

Co Co. Sala is part lounge, part restaurant—atlhough, let’s be honest, the entire restaurant feels like a giant lounge that you could stay at all night. We sat in the “booths.” The seats were cushy, the tables were small and cozy and started ordering up a storm. We started with drinks (a must here!)—the “Diletto” ranked as one of our favorites (vodka, fresh basil & strawberries, balsamic drizzle).

Then, the food… All the dishes are “small plates” so amongst the three of us (my friend, her sister, and me), we got to share:

  • “Shrimp Mac & Cheese”: Mini penne, jack & cheddar, garlic shrimp, jalapenos (amazing)
  • Moroccan Swordfish Slider with fennel salad, aged pecorino, hazelnut coffee dressing
  • Blue cheese beef slider with co co mole sauce, sauteed spinach, and wild mushrooms (my other fave)
  • Crispy Louisiana Crabcake with mango salsa, chipotle chocolate tomato glaze, avocado cilantro emulsion
  • Goat Cheese & Beets: Yellow and red beets, greens, maracaibo nibs, raspberry vinaigrette

And then… dessert. Dessert is an obvious must have here, and we had been keeping an eye out for what other guests were ordering. Although you can order certain desserts separately, we decided to get one of the flights (“monde du chocolat”)... there are four flights in total ranging from “chocolate maya” (focus on indian flavors), “ciocco” (focus on italian flavors), and “xocolatyl” (“aztec experience”). We jumped for the “co co. grown up”—a combination of “childhood favorites” made adult style.

Our three courses were:

- the amuse: mini boston cream doughnut and cappucino panna cotta

- the main dessert: milk chocolate, pb & banana foster split (yum), mini co co cupcake, malted shooter

- the petit fours: mint chocolate chip cone (eh), strawberry cheese cake lolly with pop rocks (yum)

A meal of decadence!

Co Co. Sala
929 F St. NW
Washington, DC 20004


amalik said...

sounds yummy. though i still don't understand the restaurant concept...what did the mac and cheese have to do with chocolate/coffee?

Jackie said...

Lol, this is true... the shrimp mac and cheese I don't think actually included any chocolate or coffee... I'll have to look more into that (darn, must try it again...) The bacon mac and cheese does contain chocolate however. The bacon is cooked and then coated in chocolate!

I think the concept of the restaurant is "indulgence."