Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Late Night Bite - Amsterdam Falafelshop

Ever since I moved to DC years ago, everyone told me I had to try Amsterdam Falafel in Adams Morgan. I've had falafel before, but the big draw was the fluffiness of these falafel sandwiched in either a white or wheat pita and then covered by the widest selection of toppings I've seen in a long time. (If you are condiment obsessed, this would be your heaven).

My friends swear by Amsterdam Falafel any time of day (they do warn that you'll crave it again and again afterwards), but truth be told, many of my friends suggested it for an after drinks meal. Adams Morgan is jammed pack with late night dining options (unlike so much of the city) from omelettes surrounded by home fries at the Diner to the ubiquitous jumbo slice (a weakness) to chili half smokes at Ben's (ok, a little further off from Adams Morgan, but one of President Obama's stops and one of my fave late night eats). But this weekend, we decided to forego Pizza Mart's jumbo slice for falafel.

The small space was packed when we got there, but the line moved so quickly. We were offered the Israeli falafel sandwich -- a falafel sandwich topped with deliciously crisp french fries - and then before us laid an array of at least 18 different toppings. Salads, sauces, spices, pickles... tahini, garlic, hummus, chopped tomato and cucumber salad...

We perched at a small table right by the window and watched a chef outside cook up what I think were more falafels right on the sidewalk for passerbyers to try. The temperature had dipped into the low 20s (much to my now Floridian friend's sadness), so the outside fry up had a constant line of people coming by to buy falafel.

I'll just say it. I LOVED the falafel. So much flavor, so many textures, and the right amount of food to warm my tummy and satisfy my hunger cravings. Another visit to Amsterdam Falafel will be in order for my next outing in Adams Morgan.

Amsterdam Falafelshop
2425 18th Street, NW
Washington DC 20009


The Duo Dishes said...

You can do some awesome things with a falafel. So versatile. That place sounds like it knows falafels! Gotta check it out if we're in D.C. soon.

Jackie said...

They do seem to know their falafels! I've had falafel before but haven't actually made it myself -- any suggestions on other things to do with them? :)