Friday, September 25, 2009

Four Foods Friday!

Decided to join in on From Val's Kitchen's Four Foods meme... A little bit of fun for Friday! She asks the questions, we provide the answers!

This week's Four Foods questions...
  1. What color is your refrigerator? White! But covered in all sorts of colorful magnets, photos, and souvenirs from various trips and adventures.
  2. What kind of toaster do you have? We have TWO. Hah. A toaster oven that is perfect for mini baking and broiling and a regular white toaster.
  3. Do you use a tablecloth? When - always, when eating, etc. We have a tablecloth (a wedding prezzie) on our "dining room table" but we rarely eat at the table. So, I suppose, no.
  4. Do you use paper or cloth napkins? Paper at home, cloth everywhere else.

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